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Our scientific tools provide information in a simple and reliable manner to help our customers optimize their composites molding. Permeability set-ups for evaluating fiber impregnation, CureKinetics software for modeling resin cure kinetics and fully automated resin injectors are examples of advanced products we offer.

Automated Resin Injector

Ruiz Aerospace has created an original resin injector fully automated for high volume production of composites in the aerospace market. The resin injector has wifi communication to any tablet, PC or cell phone to watch or control the processing parameters. Its hardwares include an onboard degassing unit and Enlever an ultra-fast resin heating to desired injection temperature.

Automation Control Station for LCM Processes

For more complex processing, a centralized automation control station is used to control several injectors at the same time.

Production Injector with Onboard Vacuum Pump for Degassing


PermLab 2 is a unique integrated workstation to measure in-plane anisotropic permeability. It is used to measure the anisotropic permeability of fibrous reinforcements, to compare the flow efficiency of different preforms, to compare Liquid Composite Molding (LCM) flow processes (RTM, resin infusion, flexible injection) and to conduct numerical flow simulations of mold filling. It has a data acquisition and processing software with 3 modules:

  1. PermLab 1D - data acquisition with pictures of flow front
  2. Prinper - to get principal permeability
  3. CharacPer - to model permability as a function of fiber volume content

Infusion Tables

Infusion tables are testing benches dedicated to study and optimize resin infusion processes but also used for real part production. These are practical R&D tools used to:

  • speed up performance testing for different stacks of fibrous reinforcements, drainage medium, peel-ply and venting materials
  • optimize the stacking sequence and minimize filling time
  • study various injection configurations (radial, longitudinal, convergent or divergent) without modifing test mold
  • measure the orientation of the permeability ellipse in radial injection
  • visualize the quality of resin impregnation on both sides of a sandwich part
  • observe preform saturation and test resin polymerisation
  • study porosity of chemical origin


CureKinetics is a software package dedicated to characterizing thermosetting polymer resin. It is a very fast and robust tool for constructing cure kinetics model of the chemical reaction for use in composites process simulation, to optimize resin cure and post cure and to monitor porosity of chemical origin. It is widely used by world leading industries to model and optimize the processing of composite parts.


The CureTool is a unique equipment developed by RAM to visualize the resin curing process inside a small tool containing a glass window. CureTool allows The observation of porosity formation during the curing process, the resin gelation and chemical shrinkage. It has an advanced online controller that allows a remote control of processing parameters making it easy to adjust curing temperature or consolidation pressure during testing. The tool cell can reach temperatures above 200˚C and pressures ranging from full vacuum up to 30 bars, making this equipment a great solution to optimize phenolic, bismaleimide and high temperature epoxy resins. Combined with CureKinetics, the evolution of resin cure can be drawn to relate porosity formation, gelation, shrinkage and part deboning to a specific degree of cure.

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