Engineering services

Structural design, analysis and testing
CAD services
Design and Spec
Numerical simulations for molding & forming
Tooling design and manufacturing


We help design and build your new product idea
Large radomes in quartz/epoxy
Hollow blades and propellers
Turbofan fan cases
Wind energy blades and substructures

Tooling manufacturing

Composites, aluminum and steel tooling for autoclave molding, OOA, RTM, VARTM and press molding.

CNC maching and CMM inspection capabilities.


Material characterization and modeling

+20 years expertise in material characterization and certification

In-house cure modeling tools

In-house permeability tooling

Machining and inspection

CNC specs
CMM specs
Tooling, jigs and assemblies manufacturing
Composites parts trimming

Technology development

Feasibility studies
Technology demonstration
Support for manufacturing
Pilot production

Technology Readiness Levels

Feasibility studies Technology demostration Support for manufacturing Pilot production

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