Polyflex is a great solution for high end composites for aerospace applications. It combines the advantages of Resin Transfer Molding with the capabilities of autoclave consolidation and curing. The outcome is high quality composite parts manufactured faster than any other process in the market, while reducing molding cost.

Commercial Advantages

  • Fully automated to improve productivity
  • More robust and reliable than RTM = less scrap costs
  • Moldings in less than 1 minute for large components
  • 20-30% less expensive than RTM
  • Net shape components requiring no trimmin

Technical Advantages

  • No porosities in the molded part due to uniform consolidation under high frequency vibrations
  • No edge effects, no dry spots
  • Very fast injections with minimum resin loss and minimum cleaning
Polyflex has been used successfully for aerospace parts for the LEAP turbofan program and for space rocket launcher engine parts. Ref. Thesis of V. Shebib, M. Riffai, A. F. Benevides, Polytechnique Montreal

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