All you need to know about your fibrous reinforcements

PermLab 2

Permeability - key parameter governing the mold filling
Unique integrated workstation to measure in-plane anisotropic permeability.


  • Measure the anisotropic permeability of fibrous reinforcements
  • Compare the flow efficiency of different preforms
  • Compare Liquid Composite Molding (LCM) flow processes (RTM, resin infusion, flexible injection)
  • Conduct numerical flow simulations of mold filling.
Data acquisition unit


  • Easy modification of measurement conditions
  • Data acquisition
  • Processing software with 3 modules:
    i. PermLad 1D - data acquisition with pictures of flow front
    ii. PrinPer - to get principal permeability
    iii. CharacPer - to model permeability as a function of fiber volume content

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