All you need to know about your resin system


Porosities - have a detrimental effect on mechanical properties and fatigue of structural composites.

Unique equipment that allows to visualize the resin cure process inside a small tool containing a glass window.

CureTool allows observing the porosity formation during the cure process, the resin gelation and chemical shrinkage.


  • Precise control of cure temperature and consolidation pressure
  • Visualization of gas bubble formation
  • Automated system
  • Acquisition of textual data and pictures

Causes of porosity formation:

i. Presence of air or solvents in the resin
ii. Mechanical entrapment of air during impregnation of the dry reinforcement
iii. Volatilization of gases due to chemical reaction


  • Understand the origin of porosities on your parts
  • Reach the zero porosity cap
  • Reduce the number of non-conforming parts
  • Optimize your manufacturing process

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