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Ruiz Aerospace Manufacturing

(RAM) provides rapid prototyping and manufacturing services. Our 20 years’ scientific experience on advanced composites molding ensures cost reduction while improving part quality. With highly educated personnel, we provide advice to help your organization make the right decisions regarding composites manufacturing.

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Why Choose Us?

What we do

We offer state of the art manufacturing services for the production of composite parts. We also offer the most rapid prototyping service for composite components, transforming your ideas into real products with 5 days’ turnaround. Our specialized engineers provide simulation services for the design of concept parts and for process analysis and optimization resulting in reduced manufacturing cost and better part quality. We work with our customers to build strong, long-lasting relationships based on innovation and a scientific approach to solve the most challenging manufacturing issues.

Our Approach
Quality At Ruiz Aerospace Manufactuting

Our Mission

We are highly evolved composites designers and process engineers with a proven track record of 20 years of scientific work in composites manufacturing.

By applying scientific knowledge, we support our customers to meet technological challenges in the manufacturing of structural components with advanced composite materials. We possess solid knowledge, skills and research experience, which enables us to provide high-quality R&D, prototyping and production services for composites.

We are manufacturers of high-end structural composite parts using “state of the art” technologies such as 3D woven fibers, spread carbon fibers and our innovative molding processes Polyflex and Fast Molding Technology. We also help companies develop and implement strategic manufacturing plans for new products by focusing on manufacturing efficiency and process innovation.

Our Story

Ruiz Aerospace Manufacturing is a high technology Canadian company co-founded in 2005 by Dr Eduardo Ruiz looking to create an environment where science and technology meet. With a strong culture of sustainable development and eco-responsibility, RAM aims to create innovative manufacturing processes.

Our work as multidisciplinary teams, regrouping specialized technicians, engineers and scientists, creates a solid foundation, with which we can successfully overcome challenges. Some of the key characteristics at the core of our business includes open collaboration, knowledge sharing with customers and the synergy and dynamism of our team.

Meet Our Team

Eduardo Ruiz
Eduardo RuizFounder & CEO
Eduardo Ruiz
Eduardo RuizFounder & CEO
E-mail: Eruiz@ruizaero.com
Tel +1 450 231 2304
Cel +1 514 688 2597

Julian Gutierrez
Julian GutierrezBusiness Development & Operations
Julian Gutierrez
Julian GutierrezBusiness Development & Operations
Tel +1 450 231 2305
Cel +1 438 881 1873

317 Boulevard Saint-Elzéar O Laval, QC H7L Canada

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